Still Decluttering

Day 14 of the declutter challenge is furniture. I started quilting with my machine on the dining room table. It had to be removed for each meal. Then I had a very small table where I could leave my sewing machine. As my children left the house, I graduated to a room where I could leave the table. Now in my new home, not so new now, I’ve been here 13 years, I have a very nice sewing room. The carpet was taken up a few years ago and Pergo was laid. It is so easy to clean up now. But, I still had the small sewing table which had a small dropleaf table next to it to hold the larger quilts.

It was time to do something about the sewing room furniture. Many hours later, after lots of Internet search, I chose a Kangaroo Joey. It was the right size, It had a dropleaf in the back that would hold a large quilt. It had four drawers. It was everything that I dreamed a sewing table would have.

I ordered the table online from She Sewing Tables. It is a company in the western part of the USA. I was able to chat with Sheila while ordering it. I ordered a few addons. It was personal shopping. I knew before I ordered that it would arrive in five boxes and would have to be assembled. Before I ordered, I asked my son in law if he would assemble it for me. He agreed to do that so I quickly ordered.

My neighbors brought the big boxes into the house for me. I’m very grateful to live in a wonderful neighborhood.

My son in law and my daughter spent a day assembling the desk. It is a perfect fit for the space in the sewing room.

The little dropleaf shelf on the right side was not listed in the description, nor was it listed in the assembly instructions. It was a bonus. The notion drawer unit that I already had fits under there as is it was made for that space. There are large rollers on the unit. It rolls easily to lift the large dropleaf that is on the back.

I recently got four quilts back from the long arm quilters. One is king size. It was a pleasure to sew the binding on that quilt. The table held it without it dropping on the floor and pulling. It’s relaxing to hand sew the bindings down in the evening.

Now, that declutter #14 is finished, I will do another declutter – notions. That will take a long time as I have boxes of notions in two different rooms. My goal is to confine them all to the sewing room.

This is one of the four quilts that was quilted by a long arm quilter. It is a round robin. In the package that I sent around, I placed two blocks, some fabric and the border fabric. There were instructions to not use the border fabric in the blocks. It was included just for color choices. The small sashing was part of the striped border fabric. I had a 1 1/2″ piece left over after making the sashing. The ladies did a wonderful job piecing the blocks . Gail brought this quilt to life with her quilting. I’m keeping this one.

My climbing rose is outdoing itself this year. The colors are beautiful. I can see a quilt with several shades and tints of green and pink. Also a touch of gold. Inspiration is everywhere.

Have a great day and happy quilting.

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