Just Thoughts

It has been a very nice day. The sun was out and it was warm. Now, a little rain is falling so that I don’t have to water the gardens this evening. The gardens are beautiful in spots. This is the year to observe the gardens and make plans for next year. I have been out weeding and found that there were more weeds than flowers. I’m sure that the weeds will come back, but for now, the plants can grow and fill in the spots.

The Concord Monitor had an article about a Butterfly Bush that was named “Miss Molly” . I had to have one and found it in a local nursery

The Butterfly Bush is living up to it’s name. There was a butterfly on the bush this evening.

The day lilies are beautiful.

This flower looks like Queen Anne’s Lace, but it is really second year carrots. I like to leave carrots in the ground for the flowers the next year.

Coneflowers. I plan to add different colored coneflowers next year.

I have several plants of Allium. Next year, I’ll divide them so that they will be in more places in the gardens.

This is a bright spot in a shady garden.

There are many green tomatoes on the tomato plants. I noticed a zucchini that will be ready to eat next week. The greens are ready to be picked. I didn’t think that the vegetables did very well, but I have all I need along with the vegetable truck that comes into the community every Saturday.

One of my neighbors had a party last week . Several of my other neighbors were there. We had good food and good fellowship. We met to watch the Night Blooming Cereus open. The NIght Blooming Cereus blooms just once a year and then dies.

It was fascinating to see the flower open up. We watched it shutter and then it opened a little. The flower did this several times until it was fully open after dark.

Plans are being made for my trip to a quilt show in September. One of my neighbors, who just happens to be one of my best friends, and I won a trip to a quilt show in Pennsylvania. We are going down by Amtrak. A videographer was with us today to begin the process. It was fun to have a bed quilt show with some of my quilts. Miss Molly was very good to have other people in the house. She thinks that anyone who comes is there for her.

I haven’t been sewing much lately, but I have finished the top to a baby quilt. I used the leftover scraps from the last two quilts that I made to make nine mile a minute blocks. I added a black and white striped fabric. It makes the other fabrics pop. I learned this trick from one of my students in a mile a minute class.

This quilt will go to a baby girl. It is next on the list to be quilted. I may have to wait for a while because the Maine Virtual quilt show starts this week. I have signed up for some demonstrations and other things.

In the meantime, I’ll still working on Dear Jane in the evenings. Someday, it will be finished.

Have a great day and happy quilting.

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