This is a real adventure

I live in a Sun Community. During one of our community meetings, they presented the My Jump program. My Jump is a non profit program that gives seniors something that is on their bucket list. When it became my turn to talk, I said that I wanted to take a train trip to a quilt show and take my friend and neighbor, Jean, with me. A month later, I received a phone call telling me that I had won. Then, Covid hit and the trip was postponed for over a year. Finally, the trip was arranged. Prior to the trip, we had many zoom meetings to let us know what was going on and how things were going to happen.

We went to Philadelphia to Quilt Extravaganza. There is so much to tell you, it might take three or four blogs. I will be forever thankful to Sun and My Jump for this wonderful trip. I will remember it always. Abby, who is the community manager, and Erica, who is the sales representative went with Jean and me.

We left on Thursday morning. The four traveling companions were driven from Concord to Boston South Station in a beautiful, big, black car.

David was our driver

David drove us to South Station and we boarded the Amtrak for Philadelphia.

We were met in Boston by Logan who was our videographer for the duration of the trip. We had many cameras on us for most of the trip. Even a drone above us at one point. We were like movie stars for a few days. Notice the microphone on Logan’s camera. Most everything we said to each other was recorded. Not that we ever said anything earth shattering.

Views on the way down.

Traveling first class is awesome. Before boarding, there is a lounge where you can wait. All kinds of snacks and drinks are available. Red caps take care of the luggage and escort you to your seat. On the train, there is a choice of tea, coffee, and assorted drinks. A little cup of assorted pretzels appears on your tray. You can order your lunch from a menu.

Jean had a fruit and cheese plate. She said that it was perfect.

I had chicken and rice with curried vegetables. It was excellent. The vegetables were crisp, not soggy. The noons were warm. The blueberry, lemon cookie was delicious. I had never eaten curry before. I’m going to add it to my menu at home.

We were met in Philadelphia by Webb, who is the My Jump coordinator. Our lodgings were about one hour away. During the drive, we saw several different sides of Pennsylvania. There were row houses that needed a touch of love. Also big, beautiful mansions that had perfect landscaping. Then we came to small towns and farm country. The Amish farms are big and beautiful. There was corn, potatoes and other produce. Cows and horses were in the pastures. Everything seemed to be neat and tidy.

Finally, we came to narrow, winding country roads where the trees created a canopy over the road. We slowed down and stopped for two adult and three baby deer. We had arrived at our lodging destination.

To be continued in my next blog.

Have a great day and happy quilting.

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