At the Quilt Show.

When we arrived at the quilt show, there were more photographers and videographers awaiting us. We enjoyed their company as they saw the show with us and took pictures and sound all the way. I enjoyed watching the people watching us.

The show was amazing. There were so many beautiful quilts. I didn’t take pictures of all of them, but just took pictures of a few that I really liked.

After seeing some small quilts, I spotted a Dear Jane. There was more than one.

A light one
A dark one
one with intertwined hearts
A wool Dear Jane made by Kathryn Jenson White

There were a lot of picture quilts.

I like the reflection in her glasses
He looks old and sad
This is better viewed from a distance
Powerful women
cute little boy
There were several made with this method
This one had a lot of controversy. It was well done. The hair was 3D
So sweet It had a racial statement at the top. I cut it out of the picture.

There were a lot of statement quilts. I didn’t take pictures of that type of quilt.

A great stash buster.

I had to take this picture. Most of my friends know that I don’t like ladybugs. We had an invasion of ladybugs in Maine. They bite and eat holes in varnished furniture.

Continued on in the next blog. There is an Elvis exhibit and a Kathryn Jenson White exhibit and then other quilts that I liked.

Have a great day and happy quilting.

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