Back To The Sewing Room

Life is getting back to normal after my wonderful trip. The sewing room called. I made the mistake of gathering all the finished tops and counting them. It’s overwhelming. I had no idea that I had made so many tops. I decided to divide and conquer. All the tops are stacked according to size. I chose only six quilt tops that were charity quilt size and found backings that were the right size. Also battings for some of them. Today, I’ll find the battings for the rest. All the other tops are put away out of sight until I finish the six. I can pin baste all six and then quilt them, one at a time, when I feel like it. No time frame or pressure. Then, I can repeat until they are all finished. I may even quilt some by credit card.

Miss Molly has been different since she came home from her vacation. I think that her new prescription food is finally making her feel better. She is jumping around and following me everywhere. She has always relaxed on the sofa, but now has decided to use a chair.

The baby quilt is finished. It is ready to go to the new baby,

One quilt is finished and ready to move on. It was made from the box of 2 1/2″ squares.

Dear Jane is nearing the end of the center blocks. Now, I have to think about the border blocks.

Looking at what I have finished, I should listen to the advice from Queen of Your Own Life. Today the blog said “At the end of the day she often felt like she hadn’t done enough, She decided it was time to stop beating herself up for what she didn’t get done and to finally celebrate all the many things she did accomplish.” There are times when Queenisms are very meaningful.

September is almost gone and the gardens need cleaning up for the season. I am amazed at how many beautiful flowers are still blossoming.

I have two hydrangea bushes. The flowers were few this year, but I noticed that three different flowers were on one bush. I’m not sure how that happened, but they are all beautiful.

A year ago last spring, I bought a silver lace vine from a mail order company. It took a long time to get here and looked dead when it arrived. I planted it anyway. It didn’t do much last year. This year, it is growing up a trellis and is beautiful. The vine is still spindly, but the leaves and flowers are heavy. It filled the trellis so I hung strings between one trellis and another one. The vine is almost at the second trellis. I’ll have to buy a bigger trellis next year.

An arched trellis would be nice going over the butterfly bush.

It’s time to bring in the plants that need to overwinter in the house. Plants that have gone by need cutting back. Rogue roses need to be pulled out. This year was a watching year for the garden. Now that I know what blossoms when and where, I have a better idea of what I need to do next spring. I can dream and plan all winter. I do know that I need to have lots of white cosmos. They are so beautiful.

Have a great day and happy quilting.

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