Back Yard Fun

Several months ago I saw a blog where a child blew colored bubbles on paper. It was a “what if” moment. What if I colored bubble stuff with dyes and blew different colored bubbles on fabric. I told a friend about my thought and she wanted to dye fabric with me.

Summer went by fast and fall is upon us. If we were to do it, we had to do it now. It was hard to choose a day that it wasn’t rainy or windy. Finally, the day arrived. The weather was perfect. Three of us met in my back yard. Brenda, Candy and I were going to have fun.

I had found a home made bubble stuff recipe. The fabric was prepared for dying. Brenda made wire wands. Then we started to blow bubbles. Nothing happened. Very few bubbles came from the wands. The ones that did either blew away or just left vague colors. We tried and tried, but the project seemed to be a failure.

It was just a bend in the road. We had a great time and turned the project into something else. I scrunched and folded fabric and did baggie dying. Brenda flipped dye from her fingers onto the fabric and made wonderful pieces. The fabric that we dyed was awesome.

One of the background fabrics. Made flipping dye with fingers and brush strokes.

The red was dye on leaves. The blue was from a small bottle. The purple was from dye placed on the bottom of a cover. The yellow was flicked from the fingers.

Made with a paint brush. The colors blended at the intersections and makes a very nice plaid.

This is a great one. The purple and yellow green are great together.

The purple spots have a blue aurora borealis effect’

The fabrics that were dyed to go with the larger background fabrics.

The next day, I wondered if I had used commercial bubble stuff and real wands, the procedure would have worked. The next day, Amazon delivered the products and I went out to try them. The end result was the same, The technique didn’t work but I still had great dyed fabric.

The background fabric. It was a lot of small splatters on a white background. I wondered what would happen if I sprayed it with water. The dyes, especially the yellow, spread and covered most of the white. I was disappointed at first, but now really like how it looks.

The fabric that was dyed to go with the background.

I have a lot of quilts to think about and great fabric to work with. I’m wondering if the procion dye was too heavy and rit or cool aid would be better. That’s for another day.

All’s well that ends well. We had fun and ended up with great fabric.

Have a great day and happy quilting.

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