More UFOs finished

I’ve finished more ufos this week than I’ve finished in a long time. Of course, some were quilted by checkbook.

There is a bin in the sewing room with leftover pieces, partially pieced quilts and a lot of other stuff. most of it is in baggies, just waiting their turn to be finished.

I usually keep its out of sight but decided to pull it out and work on the baggies from top to bottom. I don’t know how long this burst of energy will be. Maybe, I can use a smaller bin someday.

The first was a small piece. I had started to quilt it and didn’t like the quilting. I spent two nights picking out the quilting and started again. This time it would be finished even if I didn’t like the quilting.

finished is better than perfect

The next one was in the orphan block project and one that I used to practice new machine quilting patterns. It is a Mile a Minute quilt. I put it on the floor to take a picture and Miss Molly insisted on inspecting it. I’m not sure if she likes it.

The next bag held left over pieces from a Bonnie Hunter Mystery quilt. I had some pieces left. A Maine friend also made the quilt, and she gave her scraps to me. They have been sitting in the bag for a while.

There are 60 flying geese. I don’t know why there are so many left over. There are also some four patches, half square triangle and some small pieces of fabric.

I’m not sure what the pieced strips were from. They don’t seem to go with the other fabric. The next baggie is full of left-over strips and bindings. Maybe they should go with a strippy quilt.

I found a package of 5″ squares and cut them down to 4 1/2″ for the center. There were cut off muslin strips from the quilts that came back from the longarm quilter. It was just enough for the corner squares. There are 16 star blocks. The remaining flying geese will go on the label. Now, I have to decided how to put the blocks together and what to do with the four patches and half square triangles.

Every center is a different color fabric.

One of the quilts that came back from the longarm quilter is the most elegant mile a minute quilt that I have ever made. I fussy cut cats for the center of the blocks.

The quilting was wonderful.

This quilt is ready for the next baby in the family.

The binding is on and ready to be tacked down on the back.

Another quilt back from the long arm quilter is a Stay-at-home round robin. The quilting made it come alive.

My binding pile is getting bigger. I’m looking forward to grabbing another baggie from the bin after all the bindings and the Bonnie Hunter return quilt are finished. There are two projects on the top. One is the strips and bindings bag and the other contains the flamingo fabric. I don’t know what is in the bag with the flamingo. It should be interesting.

Have a great day and happy quilting.

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