Craft Fair

They say that if you don’t use it, you lose it. That is true with sewing. It has been a long time since I actually used a paper pattern and sewed garments. The craft fair is coming up in November. I have 14 doll quilts made for the fair. I also wanted to make some clothes for an 18″ doll. How hard could that be? November will be here before we know it, so I should get busy. I’ve made lots of doll clothes before. It wouldn’t take too long.

The first dress took three days. I had forgotten how to read instructions. There was a lot of unsewing. It’s so easy to piece a quilt from just a picture. I’m so very glad that the memory of sewing doll clothes came back. Several are finished, except for the addition of Velcro to the back. Some need belts and embellishments. Some need resewing. It’s good to take a picture to see how they look.

After I make several more plain outfits, I’m going to make a wedding dress. I did make one for Annie Louise and will use that pattern. It had a long skirt with a shorter overskirt. I’ll use a shiny white fabric and lots of lace and rosebuds.

As all dolls don’t have the same dimensions, I bought a doll to model the dresses. She is beautiful. I’ll have her model the wedding dress at the craft fair. She came with a poncho. As soon as I finish a few more dresses, I’ll take the poncho out of the package and use it as a pattern.

After a week of sewing doll clothes, I’ve regained my knowledge of sewing doll dresses.

I have a few more cut out, ready to sew.

I have been doing a little quilting. Also, a lot of planning about what to do next. A baby quilt that was made with old Joann block of the month blocks is on the basting frame. Another is on the Grace frame.

I have the biggest desire forget about all the community quilts and work on something challenging. I do have three pieces that fit this category. One need embellishment and quilting. The second one needs quilting, but I can’t decide if it will be hand or machine. It is needle turn applique. The third is a Dresden Plate made of real 30s fabrics, not reproductions. Even the back is from the 30s. It definitely needs hand quilting. I want to do something spectacular. In the meantime, I’ve been purging my scrap drawers. They look much better, and I won’t miss the fabric that is going to a new home. I’m half finished with this project.

Two bed quilts have come back from the long arm quilter. The binding is on both. One is almost finished and the other will be soon.

This was made at the Guild retreat that was held last spring. Miss Molly has checked it out and says that it can go to its new owner as soon as it’s finished.

This was the surprise mystery quilt from last winter. It also has a new home to go to when it’s finished.

I’m thinking of a way to comfortably choose what to work on each day. If I can come up with a plan, I’ll let you know.

Have a great day and happy quilting.

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