My Miss Molly blog website has just renewed. They suggested things that I could do to improve the site. I have accepted the challenge and changed a few things. I know nothing about working with a website. It’s hard to push the last button and make it live. The sidebar with archived posts looks ok. Maybe, I can make a few more changes in the future. I’ve printed a list of tutorials that sound interesting., but this is enough for now.

Winter has finally come. It’s been snowing all day, but there is not much accumulation. It’s still snowing so maybe there will be more in the morning. It gave me a day to spend in the sewing room. I worked this morning on the Ugly Quilt. There is still a lot more quilting to do. It’s queen-size. It’s a medallion quilt and I have four more borders to quilt.

I have three quilts back from the long arm quilter.

This one was made with scraps left over from a mystery quilt challenge. A friend also did the challenge and gifted me with her left-over pieces. There were enough to make this quilt. It will be a Christmas present. The binding is almost finished.

This was all 2 1/2″ leftover scraps. The binding is on and ready to tack down. It will also be a Christmas present.

This is a mile a minute quilt with a poor color choice for the sashing. The picture actually tones it down. Orange was not a good choice. I haven’t decided what to do with it yet. I can take my time with the binding and work on other things in the meantime. Someday it will find a home.

My class is going well. The ladies are still excited about quilting. My class sample blocks are all pieced, and I’ve hand quilted four out of nine. They are hand piecing their blocks, but I machine pieced mine to keep ahead of them. They are learning the lap quilting method. In the next class, they will learn how to bundle the backing, batting, and top. Then, they will learn how to hand quilt. Their fabric is beautiful. After a lesson on color and fabric choice, they went to the store by themselves and picked out their own fabric. It’s nice to teach when the students are having a good time and are excited about learning.

Have a great day and happy quilting.

2 thoughts on “Changes

  1. The snow gave me more time in my sewing room as well! Lovely quilts – even the one with the orange borders. I always find that a little time away from the quilts giving me trouble allows me to find the perfect solution for them. This quilt has a place somewhere! 🙂


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