Happy Birthday, Miss Molly

Miss Molly is 13 years old today. She is doing very well for a dog of her age. Because of her age, she had to have a blood test which showed everything was working well. Her saddle is turning gray and red from a very dark black, but her energy is the same.

Miss Molly when she was a baby.

Miss Molly’s hole.

Miss Molly’s best friend, Mr. Max.

Miss Molly inspecting a quilt.

Miss Molly’s beauty picture.

There are days when I call her “that dog”. It’s when she steals my thread, pencils or anything else she can find. She likes all things that are mine.

I have gone back into the sewing room. A friend has graciously long armed 10 community quilts for me. They are back and the bindings are on most of them.

I have also quilted others. All the unfinished community quilts are organized in four piles. Pile #1 is the quilt tops that need a batting and backing cut to fit. Pile #2 is the pile with the backing and batting cut, ready to baste together. Pile # three is quilts that are basted and are waiting to be quilted. Some of the quilts are machine bound after they are quilted. Pile #4 is quilted quilts that the binding was sewn to the front and will be hand tacked to the back. Pile #4 is in a basket in the living room. It contains anything that needs hand sewing or hand quilting.

When I go into the sewing room, I can decide what I what to do for the day. I can even start with a pile #1 quilt and finish it in the same day.

When I decided to make quilts from all the unfinished blocks and cut scraps in the bin, I didn’t think that it would be such a large job. Now that I have had help in the quilting and are organized, I can choose to either work on this project or go on to something new.

Some of the finished quilts

Miss Molly inspecting the quilt.

Made with quarter square triangles that came from someplace else.

Cute rabbit fabric. Also, from another person’s sewing room.

Pinwheels from who knows where.

I did sew this one. Many, many years ago.

I have been following the justgetitdonequilts blog. Karen Brown is doing her second sewing room declutter challenge. I did the challenge last year. I’ve realized that I didn’t clutter much this year. Most everything is where it’s supposed to be. When I get around to declutter, I’ll do it my way It will be area declutter, not item declutter.

There is a new block of the week challenge that I may do. It’s supposed to be blue, but. I can make it in any color that I want. Instructions are coming soon. 2023 will be a fun year to quilt.

Have a great day and happy quilting.

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