Blue Baskets and SAHRR

The blue Basket block of the week is in its fourth week. The fourth week is another set of two baskets. Three of the weekly instructions have been for making baskets of different colors. All the baskets have the same pattern. I may just make all the baskets at once and be done with it.

I’m using white scraps for the background. All the fabrics for this project will come from my stash.

The third week, we were instructed to make sashing with a center white and a color on both sides. There are 48 rails that are 3 1/2″ x 11″. These were easy to make but did take time because of the number of rails. Strip piecing and cutting at 11″ was the easy way to make the rails. The center of the quilt is pieced, but the border is appliqued. That will take more time.

This week’s row on the SAHRR is a square in a square. I wanted to do an easy row, so just made four square in a square blocks for the corners.

The side brought in colors from the center. There is one more row. I already have my colors picked out. They may change when I get the hint. This has been fun. I thought that I had a handle on using up the Kauffman Japanese fabric, but along with the drawer, I have a laundry basket full. Checking out the Kauffman free patterns on the Internet, I found some scrap quilt patterns that look like stash busters

Have a great day and happy quilting.

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