Spring ?

It is supposed to be spring. The snow is going, but the weather is still cold. It will warm up soon. I have seen robins and a blue jay. My knowledge of bird species is very small. I can only identify about eight different birds. The bird feeders in the community have been taken down. We have a resident big bear. Maybe it will move on when there is no food.

I haven’t been in my sewing room for a while. In the short time that I was in there, I was able to finish this week’s blue basket instructions.

This week we made fourteen setting triangles. All the components for the center of the quilt are finished. Maybe next week it will be sewn together. Then the fun. An appliqued border.

I’ve been sewing the binding on two community quilts.

I hope to get back to the sewing room soon to quilt another ufo community quilt. Then, I can start the quilts that I planned on my down time. I have drawn five different quilts on EQ7. All are easy scrap quilts. Three use the Cats Cradle ruler. That is a fun and quick way of making Cats Cradle blocks. It uses squares and rectangles, not triangles. It’s amazing what different look you can get by rotating the blocks or adding sashing. The blocks are accurate when trimmed. The other quilts use 2 1/2″ strips. All have easy sewing.

The Japanese fabric is organized into one drawer. I’m hoping that it will be gone when I finish the planned quilts.

The retreat is coming up. I’ve thought long and hard about what I want to make while there. At first, I thought about the Japanese fabric, but then thought about some 5″ precuts that I have in the drawer. I have two alike and one with white. They will be perfect for the “Next Generation nine patch” quilt. I just have to add some black, some long pieces of white for the borders, and a colored border. The alike precuts are fall colors. I have more than enough for the blocks and may use the leftovers in the colored border. This quilt looks more complicated than it is. It is actually very easy and doesn’t take much thinking. It is perfect for a retreat when one might get sidetracked with all the talking and fun.

Miss Molly is well. She is shaggy with her winter coat. Early next month she will go to her spa for her summer cut. Hopefully it will be warm enough by then.

Have a great day and happy quilting.

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