Plans to finish

I haven’t been in the sewing room as much as I would have liked. Today, I decided to focus on what I have finished or worked on, not what I think that I should have done.

I did make a list of the oldest ufos. Some are many years old, and some are fairly new. Dear Jane border is on the list and will be the one that I work on first.

The border consists of fifty-two pieced or appliqued triangles and almost as many one colored triangles. Paper piecing seems to be the easiest way to make the triangles. It’s a good thing that I like to paper piece. The first three on the top row are pieced. I am not making the newest block of the month so making Dear Janes will take it’s place.

I did finish piecing the postage stamp quilt. I no longer cut out the small pieces to make a quilt. I’ll use bigger pieces for beginner and enders. The small scraps all go into a flannel pillowcase for dog beds.

Another top finished is the blue basket block of the week. My baskets are not all blue. The border was supposed to be appliqued vine with flowers and leaves. After working two evenings appliqueing a vine, I decided to scrap that idea and use a plain border.

Miss Molly likes this quilt.

I don’t like the quilt top that I pieced at the retreat. The colors are wonderful, but the pattern didn’t take advantage of the colors. The pattern is in the round file. The quilt will be cut in half, a new border on the fourth side and it will be two community quilts.

Have a great day and happy quilting.

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