Canadian Women 150


Kat Tucker designed this quilt.  It was in celebration of Cananda’s 150th anniversary.  We received three blocks for 50 weeks along with the story of a Canadian Women,  The quilt was supposed to be red and white, but I decided to make it in blue and white.  It was so exciting to open the e-mail each Tuesday and receive the patterns.  Thanks Kat.

The quilt is almost finished.  It is hand quilted and I have just two more evenings of quilting to finish the border.  Then on to the binding.  IMG_0818

I hand quilt just a bit different than most hand quilters.  My thumb is actually in the right spot for my quilting. I quilt in my lap without a hoop.   I rock the fabric, not the needle.  My right hand holds the quilt against my leg for proper tension.  I can see if the stitches are small enough or even enough before I push the needle through with a thimble.  My under finger does not get cut with the needle.   I learned this technique from Marj Murphy at the Vermont Quilt festival years ago.

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