The seed catalogues have been coming in the mail.  Time to order from Wildseed Farms which is the only catalogue that I order from. This year, I will order wild flower seed for New England, Cosmos, and sunflowers.  I no longer plant vegetables , except herbs and tomatoes.  I can get everything that I need at the Farmer’s Market.  That way, I can buy just enough for one and the Dexer market has the best fresh veggies and herbs.  Also home made bread and other great things.   I can hardly wait for the brocolini.  Yummy.


February is also the time to root the geraniums for the gardens.  I was able to save three from last summer so should have lots to plant when it is time.

Have you thought about using flower garden pictures for quilt colors?  IMG_0306IMG_0266IMG_0283

Who would think to put pink and yellow or orange and purple in a quilt.  Green is a neutral color.  It pulls everything together. A splash of white would be wonderful.   Just remember to use lights, mediums  and very darks of each color for contrast.  Check the seed catalogues for other color schemes.

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