Round Robin

I’ve never met a challenge or round robin that I didn’t like.  A round robin is a quilt that is made by a group of quilters,  There are usually four to six people that will work on the quilt.  Each person makes the center of the quilt.  It is placed in a bag with fabric for the other quilters to use.  The other quilters may also add their own fabric. The bag is passed to the other quilters in order.  There is a time deadline for making the next border, usually one month.   Some round robins have themes such as holidays, seasons or fabric types.  Other round robins have criteria such as shapes, colors size, etc. When all the borders are made, the quilt goes back to the original quilter to quilt and it is theirs.

IMG_0864Several years ago, I belonged to a group known as the Tuesday night quilters.  We made a round robin using the following criteria,  Triangles, applique, squares or rectangles, curves, and anything goes for the last border.  I wondered how it would be if I made two centers, passed one on to the other quilters and pieced the other with my ideas.


IMG_0867The quilt that was made by others turned out to be a very light quilt.  It is about one inch smaller that the other.  I liked the added buttons,.  The light blue fabric must have been what I included in the bag as it showed up again in both outer borders.


IMG_0402The quilt that I made, is much darker and the applique is not in the right sequence.


It’s amazing how different a quilt will be with different designers starting at the same place.

Have a great day and happy quilting


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