Gaa-barge #3

I do a lot of machine embroidery and sometimes the thread falls off the big cones of thread.  Once it does that, it can not be used in the sewing machine.  What a waste! It goes into the trash can.  That is where gaa-barge comes in.  From garbage to Gaa-barge.

IMG_0868On this piece I laid the thread, then fussy cut flowers from fabric that was in the trash can and made  a picture.  It looks like an abstract painting.





IMG_0869The picture was covered with tulle from the tulle box.  The box contains different colors of tulle.  Each one is placed on the piece and somehow, when the right one is there,  it makes itself known. Most of the Gaa-Barge designs itself.

After the tulle is chosen,  the whole piece was stippled quilted.  A border was added and bound.

Some of the Gaa-Barge was very interesting when finished.  I never knew which direction it would go.

Have a great day and happy quilting.

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