Mile a Minute quilts






The Mile a Minute quilt is made of strips and pieces left over from other projects.  Pieces are added to the strips, then cut apart and the two joined pieces are added to another strip.  Continue in this manner until the made fabric is large enough to cut with a 6″ or 6 1/2″ square.  These mile a minute blocks can be placed in any quilt that has a 6′ or 6 1/2″ part to the block.

The fabrics can be themed, such as 30s fabric, pastels, or just a jumble of what is leftover.  All fabrics can be used next to one another without concern of color.  When set with sashing, the quilt will take on the color of the sashing.  I saw a mile a minute block that had random pieces of black poker dot scraps.  It was striking.

IMG_0898Blocks can be set straight


IMG_0902Blocks can be set on a diagonal.IMG_0903

This is such a versatile block and can use up all of your scraps.  I small wall hanging made from the leftovers from a single quilt would make a matching piece.

Have a great day and happy quilting

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