Peaky and Spike

Several years ago, when taking classes at the Vermont Quilt Festival, I noticed a lot of laughter coming from one class.  I signed up for that very popular teacher and finally after four years of trying, I was accepted to her class.  It was wonderful.

The class was held on a very HOT  day in July.  There was no air conditioning.  The teacher, Doreen Speckman arrived, wearing a bathing suit and her signature cow earrings.  We had a wonderful time , laughing and learning. The class was worth the wait. 

IMG_0911Our project was a Carolina Lily made using Doreen’s Peaky and Spike templates.  I immediately changed the name of the wall hanging to “Poinsettia”.  It is one of my favorite Christmas wall hangings.  It is 34 x 34″ and is machine pieced and hand quilted.IMG_0912

IMG_0913Our Guild was having a challenge that year that used different shades of black and one other color.  I couldn’t figure out what to do.  The design presented itself to me as I left Doreen’s class.  I went to the dorm and cut out the squares and started sewing.  This quilt was pieced before I went home.  I was on a roll.  It was hand quilted after I got home.  It took a little longer to finish the class project. The name of the 30″ x 30″ wall hanging is “Peaky and Spike Meet the New Fish on the Block”.  IMG_0914I wonder – Is the little red fish brave and bold enough to visit with the big gray fish?  Do they accept him even though he is   different?  Did he go back where he came from, never brave enough to venture in the big world again? I’m glad that I saw him out and about at least one time.

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