Paint Chip Challenge

IMG_0923A few years ago the Guild gave us a paint chip challenge.  I received brown, gold and green.  The colors looked like sunflowers.  I had to make a sunflower wall hanging.



IMG_0916I had several sunflower embroideries in my file so I used them.



IMG_0920My signature butterflies were recolored with the correct colors.  I use these three butterflies often, usually on my quilt labels.  They can be colored to go with the quilt.


IMG_0915After all the pieces were embroidered, I sewed them together where they fit.IMG_0919




Making a piece out of colors that you don’t usually use is sometimes difficult, but it helps you explore different options.  It’s good to get out of your comfortable box.

Have a great day and happy quilting.

2 thoughts on “Paint Chip Challenge

    1. Years ago, when I did a lot of embroidery, I made these three butterflies and really liked them. I started to put them on all my labels. They have no really special meaning. I just like them.


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