Puzzle Quilt

One of my favorite quilts to design and make is the Puzzle Quilt.  It is a fun quilt.  I’ve made at least five and gave all but my first puzzle quilt  to family.  They have so much fun trying to solve the puzzle.

DSCF5377The quilt is made of 20 blocks, but only 10 block patterns.  The design uses different fabrics and  different shadings in each set of two blocks. Similar fabrics can be in adjoining sections if the block.  It’s amazing how your eye can be tricked.  DSCF5373DSCF5369


The block patterns should have multiple sections to make this concept work.  Each of the pictures show the same block with different fabric.  Wouldn’t it be fun to make a four block  wall hanging with the same block with different colors.

DSCF5375To solve the puzzle, one must match the similar block patterns.  Even though I made the quilts, I still have to stop and think about which blocks  match.

Another version of this quilt is called Old Maid’s Puzzle.  It has several two block patterns with different fabric, etc. and one block that does not have a partner.  To solve this puzzle, you have to find the odd block,

Quilt making should be fun !!!

Have a great day and happy quilting.

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