From the Archives – Red and white quilts

There is a lot of contrast in two color quilts, especially red and white quilts.  It is very important to wash the red fabric several times so that it doesn’t bleed  onto the white fabric and spoil all the work.  Using a dye catcher will pull the red dye from the water and let you know when all the bleeding is done.

IMG_0824I have a small wall hanging for each month of the year.  These little wall hangings are about 12″ x 12″ and are changed on the first day of each month.  The February wall hanging is red and white in honor of Valentine’s day. Naturally, it has to have a heart.




A log cabin in red and white.  The back is blue and white.  It was made in the flip and sew method.  Two  quilts in one.  IMG_0410



The red-work quilt had a long shelf life.  I started it many years ago and put it aside.  I had other quilts to make.  But when I picked it up, I couldn’t stop until it was finished.  It is hand quilted in a grid.  Hand quilt is very relaxing.  I feel that if the quilt body is handwork, the quilting must be by hand also.


IMG_0345The Hunter Star quilt was made for a red and white challenge in the Maine Guild.  The red and white quilt display at the show was awesome.  Every one was different and beautiful.  I used Deb Tucker’s Hunter Star ruler to cut the pieces.  The diamonds come together perfectly when using this ruler.  I have a few of Deb’s rulers that I just had to have.  The Hunter’s Star and the Tucker Trimmer are the only ones that I have out of the package.  I am going to have to try the others.  I know that there are many  more quilts to make.

have a great day and happy quilting.

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