Ruler Demonstrations

I enjoy demonstrating different rulers.  I have so many rulers.  Some are still in the packaging.  For some reason, I just had to have them, but never use them when I get them home into the sewing room.  It would be interesting to make a block using each ruler and placing them all into one quilt.  That is a thought for a later date. 

The last ruler that I demonstrated was Deb Tucker’s Hunter Star ruler.  I did the demo five times and had lots of pieces cut out.  The quilt that I made from the demo pieces was on the basting frame a few weeks back when I talked about basting a quilt.  It is now finished.hunter star


IMG_2122Several years ago, I demonstrated the Lazy Girl Flying Geese ruler  It makes four geese at a time.  Again, I did the demo five times.  There were a lot of cut out pieces.  Those pieces sat for a long time until a Guild challenge was to finish a UFO.  I pulled the pieces out and finished the quilt.  IMG_0959




It is wonderful to have finished projects.

Have a great day and happy quilting.


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