A Fun Day

Yesterday, I went to a friend’s house to make a non quilt project.  We made sunflower wreaths.  There were three of us plus my friend’s daughter, who was our teacher.

IMG_0895We had already purchased the tulle and cut it into 10″ strips. IMG_2127   IMG_2126

In addition we used a stapler and a hot glue gun.

IMG_2137The strips were rolled on a diagonal and the bottom stapled.



IMG_2140The rolled strips were stapled and glued to a circle that was made from a pizza box.  Two holes were punched into one side of the circle for the wire to hang the finished wreath.

IMG_2136There were three rows of rolled strips.  The middle was made from brown burlap that was glued onto a smaller circle.



IMG_2151Each of us had different color tulle and the sunflowers were very different.   We had a great day with fun, laughter, and fellowship.  Not to mention the most delicious lunch.


Have a great day and happy quilting.  Or something else that is lots of fun.


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