IMG_2169When I made the Garbage to Gaa-barge series, I belonged to a group called the Tuesday night quilters.  We had lessons and sewed challenges and round robins.  At one meeting, a member was making a baby quilt.  The fabric was unusual.  It was not baby quilt fabric.  When it was finished it was awesome.  A baby would love to bright colors.

After the meeting, I robbed the wastebasket and took the scraps home.  The bigger pieces were on an angle from straightening the fabric.  I used them in the border, as is, so the border is not straight.  The small strings were placed on a background and covered with tulle.  It was stippled quilted.

Every time that I look at a Gaa-barge piece, I think that it is my favorite.  Maybe, I just like them all.

Have a great day and happy quilting

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