IMG_2154My Christmas cactus has outdone itself this year.  It has been blooming continually since Thanksgiving day.  It must like how I care for it.  It is in an east window.  At night, I pull the insulated drapes around it, leaving it to the evening window chill.  It apparently likes to be cold at night.IMG_2155

This week, I am not going to make blocks from garden pictures.  I have found three flower wall hangings in my quilt stash that I will share with you.

IMG_2158Basket is a Nancy Pearson pattern.  It is hand appliqued and hand quilted.  25′ x 25″




IMG_2157Rose is also hand appliqued and hand quilted  18″ x 18″  It has a double row of piping on the border.



IMG_2156Stone Soup was made from a stone soup challenge.  A bag was filled with different criteria from fabric stashes and then traded with other quilters.  When I opened my bag, I found that there were two different colorways. One was red, white and blue, the other was pastel.   They didn’t  seem to fit in one quilt so I made two and joined them at the top.  They fit over the back of a chair.  IMG_2165

The red, white and blue side comes out in July.  The other side is fantasy flowers that I designed.  We could add one fabric, so I added the white background.  This piece is machine appliqued and machine quilted.  27″ x 27″  This was a fun challenge.

IMG_2162    IMG_2161    IMG_2160

Have a great day and happy quilting

P.S.  I forgot to add the St. Patrick Day wall hanging last week.



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