From the archives

My maternal grandmother made quilts, but was not known as a quilter.  She was an artist and the curator of a museum. Also, an excellent cook and seamstress.   In her later life, she traveled across the United States and kept journals of all her travels.  Fortunately, her father was a photographer and the family has pictures of her during her childhood.

IMG_2189My mother had inherited one of her quilts and when she downsized asked me if I wanted to keep this quilt.  I was honored to receive it.  At first glance, it looks like squares sewn together, but standing back, there is a definite pattern.

IMG_2190Each square was bordered with a hand sewn feather stitch.



IMG_2191As I photographed the quilt on the living room sofa, I noticed that the living room rug was one that she hand hooked.  I recently took out the carpet and had Pergo put down in two rooms.  This rug was in the attic, so I brought it down stairs to use until I could find a new rug.  I like it so much, it is going to stay.


IMG_2193Miss Molly, my quality control inspector,  had to check the quilt.  Yes, she can see through all that hair.  That is her winter coat.  She will look much different next month when she goes for her vacation and spa treatment.


Have a great day and happy quilting.

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