Grandmother’s Flower Garden

My husband’s Grandmother made Grandmother Flower Quilts in her spare time.  She worked hard, sometimes taking in laundry.  She was a midwife, going with a doctor to the new mother’s  home when a baby was delivered and then staying for a while to take care of the new mother and the baby.  When I met her, she was a companion and aide for an elderly woman.  IMG_2198 (2)


IMG_2199 (2)

I inherited one of her quilts from my mother in law.  Nana’s quilts were perfect. She used scraps from her sewing .  Anyone interesting in dating fabrics, would find a goldmine in her quilts.  This one looks as if it was made in the thirties or forties. She tied all her quilts.

IMG_2200 (2)When I was a young mother, Nana taught me how to make the quilt.  I placed green where she had green and the centers were yellow.  My fabrics are from the fifties.  I used scraps from the skirts that I made for my girls and some from Nana’s sewing.  My quilt is hand quilted.  IMG_2201 (2)




My mother also made a Grandmother’s Flower garden and was making another when she passed away.  I am still sewing on that quilt and will show both of them at a later date.

Have a great day and happy quilting.

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