The weather has been beautiful.  My days have been spent raking the lawn, picking up branches and pinecones.  Today, I fertilized and limed the lawn just in time for the rain.  I also reseeded where the lawn was winter killed.

Tomorrow, I will start to do it all over again in Maine.  When I get back home again, I’ll plant the flower seeds and hope that the flowers will grow and be beautiful.

In the meantime, my sewing room is neglected.  When the Spring cleanup is finished, I’ll have more time to spend sewing.  The gardens will just need a little weeding and deadheading.

I’ll have to blog about pieces made in the past, not what I’m working on now or finished ufos for a while until I can get back to the machine.

gaabarge 1

This Gaabarge is made from small scraps that were laid on a background, covered with tulle and stippled quilted.  It looks like a spring piece.  I made four pieces of made fabric.  One with tiny yellow scraps.  One with green scraps.  One with purple scraps and one with green, yellow and purple scraps.  Then I cut out the made fabric and pieced the little wall hanging. gaabarge5




The made fabric was bulky so I butted the pieces together and then  zig zaged the seams.   All of these scraps came out of the waste basket.  Garbage to Gaa-Barge.

Have a great day and happy quilting.


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