Wedding Quilts


I’m in Maine for a few days.  It is cool here, but I keep warm by weeding the flower beds.  The daffodils are in blossom.  Usually I don’t come up here this early in the season and miss their beauty.daf2





When my children were  married, they received a wedding quilt.  In the past, I used to take a picture of each quilt that I gave away and put it into one album.  I’m so glad that I found the album and can share some of the pictures with you,  When I make a quilt for a specific person, I have no problem giving it away.  When I just make a quilt, I  tend to keep it until the pile gets too large.  Then I can easily give them away before the shelves collapse under the weight again.


One of my daughters received the unicorn wall hanging.  It was fun to make.  I like to applique, although at time, I hadn’t had lessons.  I also thread painted the pine needles on this piece.  I didn’t even know the term “thread painting”, but I found that I enjoyed doing it.



3A son received the next quilt.  It is made in my favorite colors and was a joy to piece.





Another son received this quilt. The pattern  is called “Lover’s Lane”.  I like the center on point square. 4 This quilt was hand quilted.

There are many more wedding quilts in the album.  They will show up on a later blog.

When I placed the pictures into the album, I wrote the  name of the recipient on the back of the pictures.  Frankly, I forgot that I made many of the pieces, especially the wall hangings,  and who has them.  It’s a good thing that my family likes my quilts.

Have a great day and happy quilting.



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