Big Bed Quilts

All the babies in my family receive a quilt when they are born. The quilts are loved and well worn.  As the babies grow older and transition to a big bed, they often get a big bed quilt.

archive 11One of my daughters had a set of twins, a boy and a girl.  I used a panel to make them their crib quilts.  The quilts were alike.  Very quick and easy.


archive 1

When the boy went to a big bed, he received a red, white and blue log cabin quilt.  This quilt was made from cotton fabric.

archive 4

The girl also received a log cabin quilt.  I had bought all the left over fabric from a quilt shop that went out of business.  Some of the fabric was shiny satin and other delicate fabrics.  This was a wrong choice.  The 1/4″ seams frayed and the quilt was unusable after a few washes.  Live and learn.  I should have made bigger seams.

I have two more little boys that are going into big beds soon so I should get busy and make quilts for them.

Have a great day and happy quilting.


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