Autumn Madness

Several years ago I hand dyed lots of fabric.  I just couldn’t cut it up for a quilt.  It sat for a long time in a bin.

IMG_0297I saw a quilt pattern called October Weekend and thought of the dyed fabric.  It would be just right for the project.  The pattern was diagramed like a cross stitch.  Some of the squares were whole.  Some were half square triangles and some were three pieces. I cut each piece separately, and arranged them on a flannel sheet so they would be in the right position on the quilt.  It seemed to take forever to make this quilt. This was made when I worked on one quilt at a time.    Not at all like today when I have four or five going at once, not to mention dozens of ufos.

After the quilt was pieced, I did find three mistakes.  There are probably many more, but when leaves fall on the forest floor, it doesn’t matter.

The leaves are hand quilted with veins.  The black background is hand quilted 1/4″ apart.  When it was finished, I renamed it “Autumn Madness”. Looking back, I really did enjoy making this quilt.

Have a great day and happy quilting,


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