Gardens and other stuff

I installed my mailbox today so I am officially in Maine.  Miss Molly has adjusted to the change of scenery very well, although she is nervous when the cayotes sing at night.  They are still on the other side of the valley. but I still go out with Miss Molly in the evening.

IMG_0892The lilacs are in blossom.  The deer must have been hungry this year as there are no blossoms at the bottom of the bushes.  They enjoy snacking on the flower buds.  One year, we had just one blossom that they couldn’t reach.  I’m glad that the bushes are taller so we both can enjoy the flowers. IMG_0893




IMG_0896The crab apples have outdone themselves.  They are so beautiful that I don’t mind that the fruit is too small to be of any use.

IMG_0897It’s lupine season in Maine.  I have a pink lupine along with the purple.  Lupine is a biennial.  The pink lupine is in a different spot every other year.






Several years ago, I made twelve little wall hangings, one for each month of the year.  When I think of it, I try to change the wall hanging on the first of each month.  Each one has an embroidery pertaining to the month.  I feather stitch the edge of the two borders.  The small pieces are a perfect size to try new background fillers.

IMG_0856ApIMG_0859ril showers bring May flowers.  May’s wall hanging is a Donna Dewberry embroidery.  It is fun to watch the pictures  come alive as each color is added.  I tried painting in the Donna Dewberry method once and I didn’t think that I did very well.  I came across my paintings the other day and they’re not bad.  I should try it again.

IMG_0857     IMG_0858June is a picture of a little boy and his dog.  He is out of school and is fishing.

The weather is finally warming up.  I think we will have summer after all.

Gave a great day and happy quilting,

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