The Tapestry

The Tapestry was made in the back door quilting method.  Different blocks were made with different methods.  After they were made, They were put together like a jigsaw puzzle.  Strips were inserted to fill out some spaces.  After the whole piece was together, a backing was sewn on.  The Tapestry is very heavy.  Very few people have seen it as it is too heavy to take to show and tell.  I spent many wonderful hours with special friends as we all made our own versions of the Tapestry. Each one was different.


Two machine embroideries, stipple quilted with a border.


The twisted ribbon had squiggle free motion quilting around it.   The beads were applied with the sewing machine.  IMG_0718You will notice that the same rose fabric was used in different ways in the blocks.   Jewelry and several other small objects were added to many of the blocks.  Fancy buttons were added.  Neckties were turned and couched down.  Many laces, some antique lace were applied.  Several of the blocks were piped.  Some with double piping.  Built in stitches were used as well as lots of free motion quilting.  If we could think of a technique, we used it in this piece.  When my friends do see it, they spend lots of time discovering all the little things in this quilt.

I did have the Tapestry appraised and was shocked at the low appraisal price.  They said that it wasn’t even a quilt because it hadn’t been quilted through all three layers.  It was appraised by a traditional quilter.  Art quilts do get more recognition now.

IMG_0715  IMG_0714   IMG_0713   IMG_0712  IMG_0711   IMG_0710      IMG_0708   IMG_0707

Have a great day and happy quilting.

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