Gaa Barge

One of the prettiest gaa barge pieces is made of cut out flowers from a small leftover piece of fabric and small strips of green fabric.

IMG_0474The background was quilted before the scraps of fabric were added.  They are not held down by tulle, but are stitched down in a random fashion. The edges of the leaves and flowers are loose.  It took just minutes to make.

The background is a hand dyed piece.  The mottled look was made by pre folding the white fabric before putting it into the dye bath.  I dye using the baggie method and pre folding the fabric to get the look that I like.  There are several ways to pre fold the fabric.  Each way gives a different effect.  With the mottled or designed fabric, you can get realistic leaves and flowers for applique.  I often dye going from light to dark, depending on how much dye I put in the baggies.  The last batch of dyeing that I did had recipes to follow to move from one color to another.  Sun dyeing is also a lot of fun.  The only problem is that I find it very hard to use the dyed fabric.  It is so pretty to look at.

Have a great day and happy quilting.

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