Lupines and antique quilt

IMG_0911The lupines are beautiful this year.  Each year, in the fall, when the lupines have gone to seed, I cut off the stems and lay the whole piece in whatever garden that I want new lupines to grow.  The first year, the plants come and the second year the flowers come.  If I do this every year, I am assured a crop of flowers every year.  The seeds do not have to be covered,.  They just lay on top of the soil.  Some seeds do not germinate so I lay several stems worth of seed in the area that I want planted.

IMG_0910     IMG_0908

antique quiltSeveral years ago, before the auctioneer retired, we went to an auction every Saturday night.  They had a food stand and we had our supper while we waited for the auction to start. It was our fun night out.  One night, I saw a quilt under a table.  It had bubble gum pink and gray.  I pulled it out and looked at it.  Then I hid it back under the table.

The quilt was in decrepit shape.  It smelled very bad. I hung it on the line outside and sprayed it with Febreze.  It didn’t do any good,  It still smelled.   Then, I decided to reproduce it.  I looked for about six months to find fabrics that looked like the original.  I had to apologize to the quilt shop owner when I took the quilt in to match the fabrics.  The four patches were made with different fabrics and I found enough to make it look like the original.  The fun was in the hunt.

The pattern is easy.  It’s a nine patch made from five four patches and four plain blocks.  It is set on the diagonal with a plain alternating square.  Even the backing is similar to the original.  The reproduction looks very similar to the original.  And it doesn’t smell.  IMG_0289

Have a great day and happy quilting.





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