Blockhead 2

mollyMiss Molly and I were sitting on the porch swing this afternoon.  It was a wonderful place to relax and work on the Grandmothers Flower Garden quilt. The air smelled so fragrant from all the flowers around the front of the house.

roseI looked around at all the flowers.  The lupine will be gone soon, but still is beautiful.  The yellow iris, purple chive flowers,  white pom pom bush and the Ragusa rose bush are all in blossom.  On the other side of the white fence, Grandpa’s geraniums are in full blossom.  My Dad gave me the first plants and his grandchildren gave them their name.  As I looked around, I spotted the first poppy of the season.  It is beautiful as usual.  It is a vivid orange with a purple center.  It always reminds me of a quilt that a friend made with purple fabric and a big splash of orange.  It was a very striking quilt. poppy

I have decided to join the second year of the Moda Blockhead blocks.  Each week, I will receive a pattern.  The size is from 6″ up to 18″ or whatever the designer decides.  All my blocks will be made from Japanese cotton fabric.  I have a multicolored print which I will use somewhere in each block.  The background will be black.  There are enough color and patterns of fabrics in this stash to complete the quilt.

blockhead 1Block 1 is Stellar Star by Lynn Hagmeier.  There are 13 designers at this point who will take turns designing the Moda Blockbuster 2 blocks.  It will be a fun journey.  I’ll post each block as I make it so you can go on the journey with me.

Have a great day and happy quilting.

2 thoughts on “Blockhead 2

  1. Good morning, beautiful day in NH. I wanted to save the #1 block but I couldn’t. Is it possible to send just the block in my e-mail?



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