A New Quilt

The garden quilt top is finished.  It has been basted and ready to quilt.  I looked at it all one afternoon trying to decide how to quilt it..  I drew out several quilting designs but nothing seemed right.  I decided to stitch in the ditch with invisible thread and think more about what I would quilt later.  The only problem with invisible thread is that you can’t see it.  It’s not hard to thread through the needle, but is hard to see where you have already quilted.  I’m using Superior Threads mono poly.  It glides through the needle with no problem.  Not at all like the old invisible thread that was terrible to sew with.  While I was sewing the stitch in the ditch lines, I was thinking about what I would do for quilting.   I have some of it settled in my mind.  I can quilt those designs in the spaces made by the invisible thread and then decide what to do in the other spaces.

Now that the Garden Quilt is on it’s way to being finished, I am starting another new project using the last twelve 10″ blocks from Kimberly Einmo’s block book.  I’ll use more of the Japanese cotton fabric to make these blocks.  They are the same fabrics that I’m using in the Moda Blockhead 2 blocks except the Moda blocks will have a black background and the Kimberly blocks will have a white background.  The two quilts will look very different when finished.  ke1ke2




The Grandmother’s Flower Garden quilt top is almost done also.  Just one more row of blocks and then the partial row that straightens out the bottom of the quilt.  I’ll probably hand quilt that one.  It seems a shame to machine quilt a quilt that was pieced by hand.

Have a great day and happy quilting.

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