Gaa Barge

Miss Molly and I were sitting on the porch swing enjoying the cool evening air.  I had some un-sewing to do and she was just taking it easy.  There are two poppies tonight with more to come. IMG_0987  I don’t know what these flowers are but they are small and very pretty.  IMG_0988  The end of the driveway is filled with these pretty little flowers.  They weren’t there last year and who knows where they came from.  IMG_0989

When I decided to make the gaa-Barge series, I made a mission statement.  In the statement I said that I would make one a week and even if they were not good, I would keep them in the series.  This one is not good.  After the success of the underwater scene, I thought that I would make a landscape.  This is part of the White Mountains as seen from a cabin where we stayed during a fishing trip.


It’s a good thing to make an awful piece once in a while.  It makes you think and do much better the next time.  I can only say that this one inspired me to do better.

I think that I did because I figured out a way to make Landscape Gaa-Barge and even taught a class with the procedure.  This one stays in the series to remind me that not all quilts are well made or beautiful.

Next week, when there is another Gaa-Barge post, I’ll show you one of my class examples and just maybe will tell you how to do it.

Have a great day and happy quilting.

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