Splendid Sampler

When I first heard of the Splendid Sampler project, I decided that I would not do it.  I had enough long term quilts to make. Several of my Canadian quilting friends and several of my Maine Guild friends were going to make it.  It began to sound exciting.  After all, what was one six inch block a week.  I had made three 6″ blocks a week when I made the Canadian 150 quilt.  Maybe, I would think about making it.

I started downloading and saving the instruction files, intending to start in October when I went home to N. H.  I could catch up during the winter.  By then, I would have a lot of my ufos finished and would be caught up on the quilts that needed quilting.  I didn’t have fabric here in Maine to start a big project anyway.

a4Then I remembered the big bag of mile a minute fabric.  There were several large pieces in the bag.  One beautiful day I sat on the porch swing and sorted the fabric.  I had half a laundry basket full of pieces that were large enough.  The pieces didn’t have to be too large to fit into a six inch square.  When I go to N. H. at the end of July, I can bring back some scraps to add to the basket.

I don’t have a printer in Maine to print out the pattern pieces.  I did start quilting by looking at a picture of a quilt block and drafting the pattern.  That will be how I make the blocks until I have access to a printer.

a2Three patterns have been published so far.  The fourth one will be published tomorrow.  I didn’t need a pattern for block #2 so I made it first.  Tomorrow, I’ll draft the patterns for #1 and #3,  Then I can make them whenever I want.

I think this will be a fun project. Maybe I can use up a lot of scraps.

Have a great day and happy quilting.

3 thoughts on “Splendid Sampler

    1. Thanks.. I’ll go to your house after I do a bit of painting. It has to be done before it gets too hot. I’ll call before I come. Today’s block is easy Sixteen flying geese and five squares.


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