Flower Quilt

I have shown the blocks that are in the Flower Garden Quilt in previous blogs.  The blocks were made with fabric colors that were the same color  as the flowers photos taken in my garden.  The blocks were the first twelve 10″ blocks from Kimberly Einmo’s book, Bonanza 200.

flower quiltI found his setting on Pinterest.  It was a perfect setting for the blocks.

I took the quilt to the Vermont Quilt Festival.  Kimberly Einmo was a teacher there and was very pleased to see the quilt.

I’m making another quilt with the last ten 10′ blocks in the book.  I am so thankful for a very good friend who helped me decide on a setting today.  I have a few more blocks to make and then I can put the quilt together,


Have a great day and happy quilting.

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