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It was a beautiful day today.  Sunny, cool, crisp with a little breeze blowing.  We went to the pond for a little while.  I sat and watched the others take the first swim of the season.  They said that the water was warm.

IMG_1130Molly had company  She entertained three gentlemen friends.  Odie is a labradoodle.  He is a gorgeous dog.  Just the right height for patting without leaning over.  Ziggie and Mr. Gibbs are Schnauzers.  It was hard to get a picture of all of them together.





It was fun to sit on the porch, shuck peas and watch the hayfield across the road being mowed.  I expect that they will bale the hay in the next day or two.  Farmers work very hard.

suzanneSeveral years ago, I had the pattern for a mystery quilt.  I went to a local quilt shop for the fabric.  I had one piece of fabric that I wanted to put into the quilt and was looking for additional fabric to go with it.  Suzanne was working that day and I asked her to choose the fabric for me.  When the quilt was finished, it was wild.  It looked like a very stormy night with black clouds and lightning.  I named the quilt “A Wild and Crazy Night with Suzanne”.  She does know what I named the quilt.

That was the second and the last time that I asked someone else to choose the fabric for my quilts.

Have a great day and happy quilting.

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