Long Term Quilt

IMG_1162The temperature quilt is half done.  It will take one whole year to finish it as I make one block each day.  The bird is the high temperature of the day and the sky is the cool temperature of the day.  The colors are not my usual colors, but I pulled fabric that I usually bypass to make it.  I’m thinking of making a chart of the fabrics that will tell the temperature range for each fabric.  It’s in the thinking stage now, but I’m sure some idea will come out some day.  I have a nice fabric set aside for the middle border.  The black fabric is in N. H. I will bring it up to Maine the next time that I go back and forth.

The farmers have worked for two days from dawn to dusk and all the hay is baled and hauled away.  Most was baled in the small bales, but there are a few big round bales in the fields.  I took a picture of the men working.  The view is beautiful  I really don’t stop and look at it as much as I should.

This is the last of the 14 charity quilts that I made this year.  I still have lots of fabric to make more.  IMG_1161

Have a great day and happy quilting.

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