A productive day

It was a very productive day.  I sewed on a lot of  projects. Nothing really was finished, but I can see progress.

Dear Jane needed to come out.  I organized her bin and found that I forgot that I had a few blocks made, quilted and bound and ready to sew into the quilt in progress.  I paper pieced another block.  I always say that the three Ps is how to learn a new technique.  Practice, practice, and practice.  I found that it is also the way to remember how to sew an old technique.  Paper piecing is easy once you remember how to do it. Tomorrow, I’ll sew some of the blocks together.  I would like to have another row sewn onto Jane.

It was a beautiful day.  Miss Molly and I sat on the swing and I sewed some more on Grandmother’s Flower Garden.  The wind was blowing and I found it hard to keep things from blowing away so came inside.  I’m on the last row of blocks in the quilt and that row seems to take a long time.

I started three fabric boxes and they are ready to quilt and add buttons tomorrow.  They are needed for a tea cup raffle for the quilt show in October.

Last night, I went to a Christmas In July party with the Guild.  We had a pot luck supper with the most delicious food.  Its amazing how the right amount of entrees and desserts show up at a pot luck.

We also had a Yankee swap.  What a lot of fun! There was a lot of swapping going on.  A good time was had by all. Two years ago, a friend gave me the pattern for a Sunbonnet Sue wall hanging. I intended to make it this summer.  At the Yankee swap, I received Sunbonnet Sue already made.  I don’t have to make her nowsunbonnet sue.

Have a great day and happy quilting.

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