Dear Jane

I decided this morning to work on one project only, instead of working on several.  Dear Jane hadn’t been worked on all summer.  I chose that for today’s project. It took a few minutes to organize the bin.

DJ 1Dear Jane is being made in the pot holder method.  Each block is hand quilted and bound.  Then they are sewn together with a modified ladder stitch.  I started with the center block and am adding blocks in the row that surround the center.  The second row is done and I am working on the third row.


There are sixteen blocks in the third row.  Three have already been sewn on the piece.

dj6Six blocks have been quilted and bound,  They are ready to be attached.



dj5Three blocks have been quilted and are waiting to be bound.



dj 3One block is pieced, but not quilted.




dj 2Three blocks are applique blocks. They need a little finishing and then they will be quilted, bound and added to the piece.

All of the work left on the third row is hand work.  That will be great to do sitting on the porch swing on a sunny day.


This is just the beginning of this quilt as there are 250 blocks.  Each row that is added has more blocks than the row before.  My plan is to finish the top of the row and sew it on, then the bottom.  After that, I will sew each side separately. The fourth row has 6 blocks at the top and bottom and seven blocks on each side for a total of 24 blocks.    There is a total of seven rows with the last row 13 block by 13 blocks.  Then there is a border, but I won’t think about that until I get there.

I’m enjoying making Dear Jane.  My friends remind me that I once said that I would NEVER make a Dear Jane quilt.  Never say never,

Have a great day and happy quilting.

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