Wall Hanging

Several years ago, I made an appliqued wall hanging with hand dyed fabric.  I did prewash the fabric and thought that It was fine to use. The appliques were three dimensional and it was fun to make.  After the top was appliqued, I hand quilted it.  The quilting pattern was drawn with a blue water soluble marker.  When I sprayed water on the piece to remove the marking, the dye crocked all over the white background.  I was devastated.  Carbona to the rescue.  I haven’t found a Carbona product that didn’t do what it said it would.  I made a paste with the Carbona crock removal and applied it to the white fabric with a q tip.  It took quite a bit of time because I had to make sure that I didn’t touch the colored fabric.  It will remove the color.  After I removed all the color from the background, I washed the wall hanging with dye catchers and it came out just fine.

IMG_1266   IMG_1267   IMG_1268

IMG_1269   IMG_1270

I gave it to my Mother and she had it on the wall above her bed in the nursing home.  It was one of her favorite pieces. I think of her when I see this wall hanging.

Have a great day and happy quilting.





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