My vegetable garden is very small, but I am enjoying what it has produced.  For supper I had yellow beans, lettuce, tomatoes, and raspberries.  The lettuce has bolted and what I had tonight was the last.  There are a lot more green tomatoes.  I hope that they ripe slowly so I can eat them until the first frost.  There are more yellow and green beans.  There is another large bucket of raspberries to pick tomorrow with a few more less ripe ones to come later.  I can see some of the raspberry bushes drying up.  I may be able to prune them out this fall and not wait until next spring.  My herbs are all doing very well.

My Mother’s Grandmother Flower Garden quilt top is finished.  I was glad to sew the last stitch.  It seems as if I have been sewing it forever.  The papers and basting need to come out and them I will prepare it for hand quilting.  I could machine quilt it quicker but where it was hand pieced, it needs to be hand quilted.  I’m not sure if any of the yardage that I have in Maine will go with the quilt, so I probably will wait until I go to N. H. to start quilting it.  I do have many more UFOs to work on so I will not be out of work.



The top and bottom is straight and the edges are scalloped.     gfg1




gfg2This is one of the blocks that my Mother pieced.  I like the way she lined up the stripes. I can tell which blocks she pieced as she used yellow paper.  I used white paper.  Of course, when the backing is on there will be no way of telling who did what.  It will be one quilt made by two generations.


I still have several hexagons left over.  I have plans for them.  There is a pattern that uses hexagons as the border.  The quilt is a 12″ sampler quilt.  I can substitute Kimberly Einmo’s 12″ blocks for the one in the quilt and then make the border from the left over hexagons.  That is in the future.  It is fun to plan ahead.

Melissa has been on my sewing machine with nothing done on it for two days.  I need to finish it and move on to something else.  I’m not sure why such a small quilt is taking so long to finish.  Maybe, I should concentrate on it and get it done.  It was made for a Guild challenge which is due in September.  The challenge was to make something with a technique that you have never used before.  This quilt is fused applique using the leaves galore ruler.  I have had the ruler for years and didn’t know how to use it.  After having a class with Sue Pelland, I can use it and I do enjoy using it.  I can see using it to cut out leaves for needle turn applique.  Also for marking wavy lines for quilting.

I should line up all the rulers and gadgets that I just had to have and figure out why I thought them so necessary for my quilting.  There are a few that I do use.  Maybe I could downsize my sewing room.  Probably not.  You never know when you might need something.

Have a great day and happy quilting.

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