Landscape Gaa-barge

I had made over 20 Gaa-barge pieces.  They were made from scraps that were left over from other projects.  Also left over thread .  Anything picked up off the floor or taken out of the waste basket.  Most were made with traditional quilting methods.
landsI decided to make an underwater scene with cut out fish from a leftover scrap.  A peacock feather became a piece of coral.  I did some thread painting and it turned out very nice.  After I made the underwater scene, I wondered if I could make a landscape out of the tiny bits and pieces of fabric that should have been thrown away.  When I was working, I had several photos taped to my work station.  They were of places that I had been and enjoyed.  Maybe I could use the photos and commit the scenes to fabric.  The scenes were small so the first thing that I did was enlarge them to 8″ by 11′.  It seemed the perfect size for a small wall hanging.

IMG_0489The first one that I made was terrible,  It was a mountain scene in N. H.  I had written a mission statement before I started the Gaa-barge project and it stated that no matter how bad a piece was, it would remain in the project. This one is still with the others, mainly to remind me that not all quilts are successful.  Some are really, really bad.


I worked out a technique that was satisfying and actually taught classes on how to make a Landscape Gaa-barge quilt.  The students enjoyed the process and made some awesome pieces.

lands 3

The photo was taken in Provincetown, Massachusetts on a trip that we took with my Mom and Dad,  I have such fond memories of out trips together.



lands 2

The wall hangings are an interpretation of the photo and are not an accurate copy of it. Thread painting adds a lot of detail.

I keep the photos in a baggie that is stapled to the bottom of the wall hanging.

I have several of these little scenes and will probably make more when I find a landscape to copy.  I started one and am bogged down with it.  It is sitting in a drawer until I feel the urge to finish.  Quilting should be fun and this piece was not.  I was trying too hard to make it perfect.

Have a great day and happy quilting.

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