Cutting squares for quilts is an easy way to use up scraps.  The quilts can be any size, depending on the size of the squares and how many you use. It is an excellent method for making charity quilts or beach quilts which will have a lot of wear.

Trip Around the World is one pattern that places fabric colors in order.  The squares  can be any size.  Quite often, I cut leftover fabric into squares and keep them in a box with similar size squares.

A miniature quilt and a small quilt are two different things.  A small quilt is just that.  It is a small quilt, maybe a doll quilt, a table topper, a baby quilt or a small wall hanging.  A miniature quilt is a miniature version of a larger quilt.  If a picture was taken of a miniature quilt, you wouldn’t know how big it was.  It would look like a large quilt.

IMG_0669   IMG_1402   IMG_0670

Two of the above quilts have 6 X 8 squares, but one is 40″ x 50″ and the other is 3 1/2″ x 4 1/2″. They have the same amount of squares, but the size is drastically different.  The middle quilt is either for a doll house or a Christmas ornament.  It is a miniature of the other two quilts.  The third quilt is the largest with squares that are the same size as the first quilt.  All three are pieced as two patches, then four patches assembly line fashion.  They are very quick and easy quilts.

Have a great day and happy quilting.

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