Splendid sampler

IMG_1408I actually  finished a UFO today  This is a really old one.  I think that I used the Lazy Girl flying geese ruler to make the flying geese.  It makes four at a time.  The piece is 20″ x 20″ and will go in the “give away” bin.  It’s machine quilted so didn’t take long to finish.  I used the leaf galore ruler to mark the curvy lines.  The ruler was the exact length as the border so I didn’t have to add or subtract anything.  I gave up on trying to finish a UFO every week.  The small ones were easy to do, but the larger ones take more time. they’ve been sitting there for a while so they can sit a little longer.

IMG_1407Last week’s Splendid Sampler block was designed by Rachael Daisy. It is called Around Four Corners. Quilters who write several of the blogs that I follow are doing the Splendid Sampler as well as the Moda Blockhead 2.  They give tips about sewing the blocks.  The tip for this block was to sew it exactly as the pattern says.  That is reasonable.  One of the reasons that I am making the Splendid Sampler blocks is to learn new techniques.

This block starts with a 3″ square and a border.  Then a square is pieced four times. There are four different colors and the background color for each square.   A round piece of freezer paper is ironed to the back of the square.  Then the round piece is placed on and appliqued on the four corners of the first block.  The freezer paper gives a nice edge to sew on.  After the circle was appliqued, I slit the back and pulled the freezer paper out.

I use Gypsy Applique paper.  It is a more solid freezer paper and is water soluble if you want to leave it in.  I usually try to take it out.

I saw a blog today that has a Squirrel Club.  There are no rules.  There is no sign up.  You just are given permission to interrupt what you are doing and dash off to make something that you didn’t even think about until that very minute.  I like this club.  I think that I’ve been a member for a long time anyway.  Now, I can do the “squirrel” thing without feeling guilty.

Have a great day and happy quilting.

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